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Lost In Time Without Time

The Big Sur Coast recaptured us.  Along this powerful coast, the mana comes straight from the water falling from the mountains, the crashing ocean, hot mineral waters flowing out of the core and ancient energy of the native tribes of the Esselen.  Here we were able to let go of the fast-paced world of “service.”  This word has become the word of importance in this new world. 

Is there service? Without the “S” word we come back to our moment of now.  There is no time other than our own.  There are no memories other than our own.  There are no thoughts other than our own.  We are present with the world around us. 

The real world that speaks through the trees.  The dolphins and Whales guide our inner intuition.  The plants speak to us.  And the birds soothe our senses.   I am thankful to step out of the cyberspace world and be present with the truth of reality.  For what is real other than what is in our very Now.   

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