Marble tempering chocolate

Sweetwater Chocolates = Sweet Bliss Cacao!

Chocolate: A Super Food

While traveling through Guatemala in 2015, we stumbled upon a cacao shaman who introduced us to the importance of pure raw cacao. Cacao is an amazing food with many health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and is the highest plant-based source of iron and magnesium. It also boasts high calcium levels and is a natural mood elevator—it can create a sense of well being.

Best Sourcing. Best Process.

Sadly, the processing methods of mass-market chocolate rob the cacao of many of its wondrous attributes. At Sweetwater we start by sourcing high-quality cacao. We always heat with low temperature, and marble temper while mixing in our pure sweeteners, essential oils, and superfoods.

Three Unique Chocolate Delights

We have created three products using cacao paste and cacao butter: Maya Nut Crunch Bar, KaWow Energy Bar, and KuKu Chocolates.

  • Maya Nut Crunch Bar contains Maya nut from the rainforest and our sprouted buckwheat granola.
  • KaWow Energy Bar is a firm high-protein energy bar with flavor and substance.
  • KuKu Chocolates* is a collection of four varieties of chocolates that will simply satisfy your mind, body and, soul. It’s elegantly boxed and is perfect as a special gift or for the holidays. (*Cooler months only: KuKu chocolates are sold from Thanksgiving time through Valentine’s Day.)