Our Family

Through the years as Sweetwater products established,  so too have our home and children.  Sweetwater Baking Company has become as natural in our lives as daily chores and as witnessing our children grow.  Our children have centered their lives around the art of breadmaking and have also naturally accepted eating the extra special fresh baked bread.  Here in the Sweetwater Woods where we live and run our bakery, we are surrounded by the natural elements. The creeks flow and birds sing.  The trees blow in the wind and the smell is always fresh,  although slightly altered with the scent of bread or granola.

As the steam rises out of the oven chimney, it fills our little valley with the  wholesome smell.  This is our way to give back to the beauty around—in baking and preparing our products naturally.  The Earth is important to us as it should be to everyone.  We hope that in eating our products you can feel the Earth’s energy which we put into it.   Sincerely we invite you to try our products…

Sam and Alison
Along with our children:
Osheana, Agile, Coral, and Free

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