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Lost In Time Without Time

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The Big Sur Coast recaptured us.  Along this powerful coast the mana comes straight from the water falling from the mountains, the crashing ocean, hot mineral waters flowing out of the core and ancient energy of the native tribes of the Esselen.  Here we were able to let go of the fast paced world of “service”.  This word has become the word of importance in this new world.  Is there service?   Without the “S” word we come back to our moment of now.  There is no time other than our own.  There are no memories other than our own.  There are no thoughts other than our own.  We are present with the world around us.  The real world that speaks through the trees.  The dolphins and Whales guide our inner intuition.  The plants speak to us.  And the birds soothe our senses.   I am thankful to step out of the cyber space worldand be present with the truth of reality.  For what is real other than what is in our very Now.   

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The coast of Big Sur kind of lost me.  What I mean is that….well my heart once again melted with the majestic mountains and ocean.  The ocean captured my heart.  Imagine this view… A perfect left coming off a rocky point, emerald green waters with cliffs coming down to the ocean and a sail boat parked in the dark blue water next to the wave.  Two soul surfers out surfing alone at an untouched beach.  Slight offshore breeze and sun is shining.  This is what I looked down upon up top the bold cliff.  This tempted my soul to run off and never look back.

Big Sur has an unreal feeling of living far from any reality other than the moment of now.  My now became entwined in the moment and forgot any other responsibilities other than me and my children running free upon this bountiful Earth.  Speaking of Free, he runs wild with this life of wandering.  He is a free spirit untamed!  Question is…do I tame him, or do I continue to let him live the dream!  Second question is….Can I keep up with him?


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Surfing Cold Water

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Leaving family is always hard to do.  But the time was time to move on.  Although South was tempting we headed north to stay true to our original plan.  The Redwoods.  We are now surfing the central coast.  Surfing cold water is almost like relearning to surf.  Seeing a wall of water getting ready to crash down upon ya is one thing, but when it is frigid cold it is a whole other intimidation.  However,  while discovering the tide pools after all said and done that is the true reward.  The tides are quite extreme right now maybe due to the waxing moon.  We are just about to reach the Big Sur coastline.  Although since the bridge washed out we have to jump onto the 101 and go up and then back down.  Planning to be there for the full moon.  That means we only have a few more days.  I want to get a few more days of surf in just in case I wimp out with any colder water than what is now.  Sold a lot of product in LA area.  Got about 1/3 left of what we started with.  People are responding well with what we have to offer.  Don’t really know if anything will develop out of it, but at least it is funding our trip.

Desert mouse welcome to LA

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Heading out of Joshua Tree it feels as though I am taking more than I actually know.  What I grasped from the desert goes deeper than can be recognized in the moment.  As the sun sets we drive by thousands of Joshua Trees while the mountains silhouette with the colors of the sky.  My heart once again questions the leave, but as the wind picked up and the temperature dropped, the universe seemed to say that its time to move on.  We head west into the darkening night.  Two hours later we arrive in Yorba Linda where we are greeted by family.  Always a lovely way to be welcomed.   A surprise visit by Grammie and Papa immediately erases any hesitant thoughts of leaving the desert.  Slightly in disbelief that I just drove cross country with 4 kids, I reminisce long past memories of traveling the west coast long before kids.  We immediately switch gears and settle in LA style.  Pools, beaches, traffic and Disney Land fireworks.  We hang hard in Laguna Beach as I am awakened with the Pacific Ocean.  Once again ocean mama energizes me with her love.  Suddenly the desert is washed off and I am excited to travel the coast.  However, there is still a small piece of the desert with us.  I find an avocado in the van that has a hole with little bite marks.  hmmm….remembering the pitter patter we heard on the roof of the van the last night of the desert I instantly recognize that we have actually carried a piece of the desert with us.  As we release our friend into the wild, Free feels a deep sadness as he declares that he is our pet.  KNowing we can’t keep a mouse,  we let it go sweetly by a nice creek.  We let the desert go, yet bring the spirit to the city.

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Joshua Tree

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Joshua Trees pop out of the Earth like a pop up Dr. Seuss book.  Mesmerized by the distance of vastness and massive boulder mountains, my heart melts with the beauty.  No threat for the chocolates as the temperature dropped just a bit when we crossed into the Mojave.  KuKu chocolates come in handy for mindful practice.   Calming the mind body and spirit has been the focus of the desert.  The Sonoran Desert entails a mystic calming vibe whereas the Mojave brings on a Fun adventurous energy.  We become mindful while jumping from boulder to boulder.  Mindfulness to us becomes every step, every bite of food we eat, every look we take.  Appreciation of life.  This is  mindfulness!  Respecting the Earth, as we walk softly across this desolate valley.  Drinking water to every last precious drop.  Breathing in we are strong like a mountain.  Breathing out we are precious like water.  We become one with the dusty sand as we accept the beautiful layer of Earth that sticks upon us.  This is LOVE.

Mojave Desert

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The Sonoran Desert meets the Mojave Desert in California.  As we transition with the sands our eyes begin to see a change.  The heat gives in a bit and the cacti let up.  Yuccas begin to take the scenery and Gigantic Boulders are in the near distance.  We embrace this transition and stop to reflect while we fill our bellies with some rice.  Rice becomes our saviour as we savour each bite.  This time we mix in some black beans and spice.  Oh how the taste buds dance with pleasure.  We pause and journal with the moment between moments.  For when we are in the moment there is no time for journaling.  No time for posts or  blogs or contact with life other than what is right around us.  We are the moment and the moment takes us by the hand.  Sadness beckons my heart as I am saying goodbye to the Sonaran, yet excitement tingles as the Mojave is inviting me.  Taking me by the hand and assuring me of the magic to be found.  What does the Mojave have in store for us?


The Sonoran Desert

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We found our mindful spot amongst the Sonoran Desert.  Saguaro cacti stand tall and proud.  A mystic vibe radiates with each sunset.  Each sunrise suggests new magic to be discovered.  The desert is an amazing place.  One look and it seems nothing at all.  However,  when time is taken to look deeper, beauty shines.  And with this beauty, a deeper understanding of loveliness unfolds.  As I stare out from camp I  look into Mexico.  My heart tingles with excitement as i imagine my Mexico trip.  However this is not my Mexico trip.  I stay focused.  (Although we did slip in for a day for tacos and blankets. )  My focus is chocolates.  Oh yes !  chocolates in the hot desert.  They must not melt.  these chocolates have withstood the test.  They seem to be fine as long as the sun is not hitting them.  And thumbs up from all of our new customers.  People are loving our products as I pop into their lives with granola and Kawow Bars  and KUKU chocolates.  Our mindful practice is going well.  So much to be mindful for in the desert.  More than once we have all been stuck by the infamous cholla cactus.  We are now a bit more mindful.  Ouch!!!!!  The desert.  Wow!

Made it to the desert

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No surf to be had in Galveston so we scooted on out of there after a pleasant night of rest.  With yoga in the morning and a simple jog on the beach we said goodbye to the gulf as we made our way inland.  Just 30 minutes down the road an alarming dinging lit up the dash.  Pulling off the highway, smoke starts rising from under the hood.  Imediately my thoughts are “no way, not broke down in Houston Texas,  couldn’t it have been somewhere better than this”.  Well comes to show that there are angels everywhere, and once again I have living proof.  All fixed up and back on the road we are now late to meet a dinner date in Austin with a friend from way back when I was oh so young.  Cruising 80 mph through the flat lands of Texas, we make it only an hour and a half late.

Driving out of Austin into the unknown night, I am a bit flustered as to where this adventure is leading me.  Let me tell ya though,  I had the most amazing coconut curry soup in Austin.  It must of spiced me up a bit because I drove another 3 or 4 hours.  Slept on the side of the road and woke up early to get us the heck out of Texas.  Something about that state gave me unsettled nerves, because the moment we entered the Enchanted State of New Mexico…  I felt a sudden rush of ease.  Like I had made it to the safety zone.

We found an amazing hot spring oasis in the desert mountains and managed to get an amazing soak while the full moon rose above us.  The cold night sent shivers thru us as we had become accustomed to the summer weather.  Guess I will miss the heater.  Oh yah, forgot to mention how we turned a 700.00 dollar job into a 85.00 dollar job back in Webster Texas, just outside of Houston.  Forfeiting heat sounded fine when it was 80 degrees out.  Anyhow soaking in the 110 degree water still made it worth it.

Waking up with ice inside our windows, there was nothin left to do but smile  and jump back into the hot pools of mineral water.

Meeting Jerry set us back into promo mode.  An older hippie quite resembling “Jerry” himself bought a whole stock of product.  Living in his beautiful hand crafted Gypsey Wagon he sure did make us cringe while climbing back into our little van.  Selling our chocolates and granola is now a mission just to give us more room in the van. Nextstop…the Arizona desert.

Heading West From Pensacola

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We are officially beginning our trip out West after spending a week at the beautiful beaches of Pensacola.  A home away from home gave us opportunity to double check that we had everything  we needed.  A tune up on the van, new clothes for kids, a haircut, some yoga, fun in the sun, and already $300.00 worth of chocolates and Kawow Bars sold.   Ready or not here we go.  Next stop… Galveston… to check the surf.

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