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Mystic Vibes while time Stands still

Life goes on as blogging falls behind.  So much happens and words can not keep up.  Time is only but a word that has caused us pressure.   And so I write because I like to write.  Not just so everyone else can see what my life is, but what potential life beholds.  Life is what we want it to be.  And right now my life is expansively expanding.

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Lost In Time Without Time

The Big Sur Coast recaptured us.  Along this powerful coast, the mana comes straight from the water falling from the mountains, the crashing ocean, hot mineral waters flowing out of the core and ancient energy of the native tribes of the Esselen.  Here we were able to let go of the fast-paced world of “service.”  This word has become the word of importance in this new world. 

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Entwined In the Moment

The coast of Big Sur kind of lost me.  What I mean is that….well my heart once again melted with the majestic mountains and ocean.  The ocean captured my heart.  Imagine this view… A perfect left coming off a rocky point, emerald green waters with cliffs coming down to the ocean and a sailboat parked in the dark blue water next to the wave.  Two soul surfers out surfing alone at an untouched beach.  Slight offshore breeze and sun is shining.  This is what I looked down upon up top the bold cliff.  This tempted my soul to run off and never look back.

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Surfing Cold Water

Leaving family is always hard to do.  But the time was time to move on.  Although South was tempting we headed north to stay true to our original plan.  The Redwoods.  We are now surfing the central coast.  Surfing cold water is almost like relearning to surf.  Seeing a wall of water getting ready to crash down upon ya is one thing, but when it is frigid cold it is a whole other intimidation.  However,  while discovering the tide pools after all said and done that is the true reward. 

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Desert mouse welcome to LA

Heading out of Joshua Tree it feels as though I am taking more than I actually know.  What I grasped from the desert goes deeper than can be recognized in the moment.  As the sun sets we drive by thousands of Joshua Trees while the mountains silhouette with the colors of the sky.  My heart once again questions the leave, but as the wind picked up and the temperature dropped, the universe seemed to say that its time to move on. 

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Made it to the desert

No surf to be had in Galveston so we scooted on out of there after a pleasant night of rest.  With yoga in the morning and a simple jog on the beach, we said goodbye to the gulf as we made our way inland.  Just 30 minutes down the road an alarming dinging lit up the dash.  Pulling off the highway, smoke starts rising from under the hood. 

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Heading West From Pensacola

We are officially beginning our trip out West after spending a week at the beautiful beaches of Pensacola.  A home away from home gave us opportunity to double check that we had everything we needed.  A tune up on the van, new clothes for kids, a haircut, some yoga, fun in the sun, and already $300.00 worth of chocolates and Kawow Bars sold.   Ready or not here we go.  Next stop… Galveston… to check the surf.