Lovingly Crafted Artisan Organic Whole Foods

At Sweetwater Baking Company we believe that good things take time and that utilizing natural processes results in superior nutrition and flavor. We take the time and care to prepare real food for our family, and provide that for you.

The art of food creation is an intensive ritual that we have integrated into our daily lives and the lives of our children. Passing along the values of mindful practice, art, intention, balance, and health is the key to sustainability.

Sweetwater Baking Company, Floyd, Virginia

Cranberry Crunch, a wheat-free, organic, nutritious granola
Bread loaves ready for market
Maya Nut Crunch Bar, with Peruvian chocolate and exquisite taste!
Making chocolates in the Sweetwater kitchen
Maple Pecan Sprouted Buckwheat Granola
Sweetwater Bakery; it's in the woods!
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Bakers With Heart and History

Since 2004, we’ve been creating small-batch bread and granolas. Every ingredient we use is organic, non-GMO, and chosen for purity, flavor, and sustainability. In recent years, we have embraced the ancient art of hand-made chocolate foods, inspired by the cacao we fell in love with in Central America. Our line of chocolates will please and surprise.

Beyond Bread & Granola—Wholesome Treats

Rounding out our offerings are some wholesome treats that have become favorites at the local markets where we share our creations. The Anywize Bars are reasonably-sized granola bars that kids love and parents appreciate. Our Tea Cookies are in a class by themselves, with a complex and tantalizing blend of spices that will encourage you to take time for tea and relaxation.

Our first departure from baked products was two raw food bars that have remained popular. We’ve recently tweaked the recipes, and customers are loving the latest versions of our KaWow Energy Bar and Greenergy Energy Bar.

Real Food from Our Home In the Forest

Here in the Sweetwater Woods where we live and run our bakery, we are surrounded by the natural elements. The creeks flow and birds sing. The trees blow in the wind, and the smell is always fresh,  although slightly altered with the scent of bread or granola.

Baking and preparing our products naturally are practices we mindfully pass along to our children. The Earth is important to us, as it is to you. We hope that in eating our products you can feel the earth’s energy that we put into it. We invite you to try our products.

Sam and Alison