Pumpkin Seeds

We soak and dehydrate our raw, organic pumpkin seeds to bring out the full flavor of the seed.  Pumpkin seeds are...

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Sunflower Seeds

The process of soaking and dehydrating nuts and seeds really brings out the flavor and aids in optimal digestion....

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Whole Cashews

Soaked and dehydrated whole piece cashews. Soaked with fresh pure water and “real salt”. Great taste,...

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Bars by the Case

We bring to you energy bars by the case. Don’t be left hungry on the beach while the waves are perfect. A...

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Hearth Baked Granola

Our original granola. We soak the oats, combine them with coconut oil, rapadura sugar and organic coconut; and...

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This process really brings out the flavor and crispness of an ordinary almond. Not only does it taste great, it...

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Cranberry Delite

Our lighter granola, less oil and no coconut.   We use organic cranberries sweetened with fruit juice to bring...

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Tropical Daydream

You don’t have to be in the line-up waiting for the perfect wave to be daydreamin’ about this...

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Swamp Mix

Using our standard coconut granola base, we add in a handful of raisins and almonds for flavor and sunflower and...

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