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Entwined In the Moment

The coast of Big Sur kind of lost me.  What I mean is that….well my heart once again melted with the majestic mountains and ocean.  The ocean captured my heart.  Imagine this view… A perfect left coming off a rocky point, emerald green waters with cliffs coming down to the ocean and a sailboat parked in the dark blue water next to the wave.  Two soul surfers out surfing alone at an untouched beach.  Slight offshore breeze and sun is shining.  This is what I looked down upon up top the bold cliff.  This tempted my soul to run off and never look back.

Big Sur has an unreal feeling of living far from any reality other than the moment of now.  My now became entwined in the moment and forgot any other responsibilities other than me and my children running free upon this bountiful Earth.  Speaking of Free, he runs wild with this life of wandering.  He is a free spirit untamed!  Question is…do I tame him, or do I continue to let him live the dream!  Second question is….Can I keep up with him?

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