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Mystic Vibes while time Stands still

Life goes on as blogging falls behind.  So much happens and words can not keep up.  Time is only but a word that has caused us pressure.   And so I write because I like to write.  Not just so everyone else can see what my life is, but what potential life beholds.  Life is what we want it to be.  And right now my life is expansively expanding.

As I watch through my children’s eyes my own heart captures their very excitement.  From the giant trees to the rolling seas to the mountains of rock and the sand mountains of the Mojave. 

Everything is amazing. 

Everything is expanding. 

Everything is awesome as I am just a small being in this giant world.  For now,  the desert has captured me.   Have you ever discovered the magic of the desert?  Have you ever noticed the beauty of simplicity?  Have you tried a KaWow bar today?????

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