Tea Cookies

Bars, Snacks, & Cookies

Our energy bars are all you could ask for in a portable feast: raw, organic, power-packed, and satisfying. The KaWow Bar is what we like to call a “meal replacer” or “get-you-up-the-mountain” kind of bar. Based on nuts and cacao along with superior nutrition from superfoods, this bar is a bar that you can count on in any situation.

The newly-formulated Greenergy Bar is in a category all by itself. With CBD, spirulina, and other wholesome ingredients, this bar will give you satisfaction to float you through the day. Along with luscious cranberries, this bar gives green an energy with a whole new class.

Our Tea Cookies are just the thing for a light breakfast or an afternoon tea. Wheat-free, chewy, with a bit of spice. You’ll be proud to offer them to your family and friends. Quite satisfying indeed!

And the Anywize Bar is designed by parents who want something with the same appeal as the many so-called “healthy” granola bars on the market but without the dismal ingredients. These are simple snacks from simple, natural ingredients that kids love.