Bulk Coconutty Granola — A Real Family Value


Order in 6 pound increments. 


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Coconutty Granola in 6-lb bag. Our original—and most popular—granola. And we’ve priced it right for those who find the 1-lb bag is just too tiny! Six pounds per bag. How’s that work for you?

Created to bring you a cereal worth eating. Delicious and nutritious. Plain and simple. You can style it, or eat it as it is. Sometimes plain is easy, and easy is simple. Enjoy this granola as a cereal or snack.

Soaked Oats for Easy Digestion

We soak the oats, combine them with coconut oil, Rapadura sugar, and organic coconut; and then dehydrate it with wood heat. We developed this unique method to make a highly nutritious and delicious granola. Enjoy this simple granola as a cereal or snack.

All organic ingredients include:

Presoaked rolled oats (water, lemon juice, unrefined salt), shredded coconut, coconut oil, Rapadura sugar, cinnamon, and unrefined salt.