About Our Food

At Sweetwater Baking Company we believe that good things take time and by utilizing the process nature intended the result is superior nutrition and flavor.

Our process of fermenting the bread dough and soaking the oats, nuts and seeds for granola is a valuable step in the preparation of our highly nutritious and easily digested breads and cereals.


Benefits of Fermentaion

It is only since modern farming techniques that grains have been prevented from germinating before they are consumed. The process of germination is ideal for the optimal absorption of nutrients. Germinating grains produces vitamin C, increases vitamin D content and carotene. More valuable still, this process neutralizes phytic acid. Phytic acid is a substance present in the bran of all grains that inhibits absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.  In return these inhibitors neutralize our own enzymes in the digestive tract.  The soaking or fermenting inactivates potent carcinogens found in grains and releases the numerous enzymes that aid digestion.

Sprouted grains should be a regular feature of the diet.

IMG_6017Wood Fire

Central to our process is our wood-fired oven. Before there was electricity, bread was baked with fire. This is yet another way we hold true the natural process of baking. We sustainably harvest using only standing dead or already fallen trees. Using wood for energy utilizes a natural resource and keeps us mindful of our stewardship of the land around us. We burn the wood directly in the oven, which then retains heat evenly.  With this residual heat our products are baked with the quality no other style of oven can replicate.

Mixed by Hand

loaves_mugsOur granola and bread doughs are mixed by hand. This ensures small batches and an accurate ratio, but mostly we wish to imbue our food products with the love and care which we believe is the essential ingredient. The oven is fired up three days before the bread is baked. The process of letting the wood burn to coals and then raking them is what evens the heat throughout the oven. As that same oven cools to the proper temperature we dehydrate the granola, nuts and seeds; which is another way we practice mindfulness of energy use, efficiency and sustainability. In other words, why build two fires when you can burn one.

We never use any chemicals and preservatives and refrain from any GMO ingredients.

Mountain Water

sweetwaterbreadWe use only fresh, clean mountain water from the well on this land.

Coconut Oil and Rapadura

We use only coconut oil, specifically for its high resistance to rancidity and also for the many beneficial qualities it has to offer. The Rapadura sugar is the least processed sugar cane, result from only a simple dehydration of the plant juice.  This allows the sugar to retain all the wonderful minerals it has to offer. It is not stripped of its benefits and offers both nutrition and a most extraordinary flavor.

Unrefined Salt

The unrefined salt is also an important part of our food. While there have been claims to the harmful effects of salt, it is actually very important to our bodies. Unrefined salt maintains all of its beneficial minerals and plays a vital role in nutrition.

Art of Sustainability

sam_alison_bottleThe art of bread making is as old as mankind. It has been a staple of human sustenance for centuries.  We practice this art as close as we can imagine to the way it was originally intended. It is an intensive ritual that we have integrated into our daily lives and the lives of our children.  Passing along the values of mindful practice, art, intention, balance and health is key to sustainability.  In return for our care and hard work we eat real food and provide that for you.


We believe that eating healthy, chemically-free real food we are giving back to the earth and all humanity. We believe that starting by healing ourselves is how we heal this earth.

Eat Real. Feel Real. Be Real.

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