About Our Food

At Sweetwater Baking Company we believe good things take time and by using natural processes the intended results will have integrity.

We believe that the value is innate in the finished product when age-old traditions are practiced such as fermenting bread dough and soaking nuts and seeds.

The benefits of fermenting

An intimate relationship is nurtured between the baker and the bread because of fermentation. Native wild yeasts are continually propagated in feeding the sourdough starter. This natural fermentation creates results that are distinctive in flavor and superior nutritionally. The fermentation process promotes good resistance to spoilage without the need for questionable preservatives.

Sprouted grains should be a regular feature of the diet.

Sweetwater Baking Co. does it by hand

All of our products are hand-processed in small batches. It’s how you can be sure we’re paying attention. Love and care are essential ingredients.

High-quality ingredients for high-quality food

There’s never any chemicals, preservatives, or GMO ingredients in our foods. And the water we add to our recipes is truly sweet water—the fresh, clean mountain water from the well on this land.

We use only coconut oil, specifically for its high resistance to rancidity and also for its many beneficial qualities. Unrefined sugar is the least processed sugar cane, the result of simple dehydration of the plant juice.  This allows the sugar to retain all the wonderful vitamins minerals it has to offer. It is not stripped of its benefits and offers both nutrition and a most extraordinary flavor.

Unrefined salt is also an important part of our food. While there have been claims to the harmful effects of salt, it is actually very important to our bodies. Unrefined salt maintains all of its beneficial minerals and plays a vital role in nutrition.

All of our products are made from unique recipes that we were inspired to create.

Sweetwater Bakery

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people to access properly prepared healthy food.

We believe that starting by healing ourselves is how we heal this earth.