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Joshua Tree

Joshua Trees pop out of the Earth like a pop up Dr. Seuss book.  Mesmerized by the distance of vastness and massive boulder mountains, my heart melts with the beauty.  No threat for the chocolates as the temperature dropped just a bit when we crossed into the Mojave.  KuKu chocolates come in handy for mindful practice. 

Calming the mind body and spirit has been the focus of the desert.  The Sonoran Desert entails a mystic calming vibe whereas the Mojave brings on a Fun adventurous energy.  We become mindful while jumping from boulder to boulder.  Mindfulness to us becomes every step, every bite of food we eat, every look we take.  Appreciation of life.  This is mindfulness! 

Respecting the Earth, as we walk softly across this desolate valley.  Drinking water to every last precious drop.  Breathing in we are strong like a mountain.  Breathing out we are precious like water.  We become one with the dusty sand as we accept the beautiful layer of Earth that sticks upon us.  This is LOVE.

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