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Mojave Desert

The Sonoran Desert meets the Mojave Desert in California.  As we transition with the sands our eyes begin to see a change.  The heat gives in a bit and the cacti let up.  Yuccas begin to take the scenery and Gigantic Boulders are in the near distance. 

We embrace this transition and stop to reflect while we fill our bellies with some rice.  Rice becomes our savior as we savor each bite.  This time we mix in some black beans and spice. Oh, how the taste buds dance with pleasure.  We pause and journal with the moment between moments.  For when we are in the moment there is no time for journaling. 

No time for posts or blogs or contact with life other than what is right around us.  We are the moment and the moment takes us by the hand.  Sadness beckons my heart as I am saying goodbye to the Sonaran, yet excitement tingles as the Mojave is inviting me.  Taking me by the hand and assuring me of the magic to be found.  What does the Mojave have in store for us?

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