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Surfing Cold Water

Leaving family is always hard to do.  But the time was time to move on.  Although South was tempting we headed north to stay true to our original plan.  The Redwoods.  We are now surfing the central coast.  Surfing cold water is almost like relearning to surf.  Seeing a wall of water getting ready to crash down upon ya is one thing, but when it is frigid cold it is a whole other intimidation.  However,  while discovering the tide pools after all said and done that is the true reward. 

The tides are quite extreme right now maybe due to the waxing moon.  We are just about to reach the Big Sur coastline.  Although since the bridge washed out we have to jump onto the 101 and go up and then back down.  Planning to be there for the full moon.  That means we only have a few more days.  I want to get a few more days of surf in just in case I wimp out with any colder water than what is now.  Sold a lot of product in LA area.  Got about 1/3 left of what we started with.  People are responding well with what we have to offer.  Don’t really know if anything will develop out of it, but at least it is funding our trip.

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