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The Sonoran Desert

We found our mindful spot amongst the Sonoran Desert.  Saguaro cacti stand tall and proud.  A mystic vibe radiates with each sunset.  Each sunrise suggests new magic to be discovered.  The desert is an amazing place.  One look and it seems nothing at all.  However,  when time is taken to look deeper, beauty shines. 

And with this beauty, a deeper understanding of loveliness unfolds.  As I stare out from camp I  look into Mexico.  My heart tingles with excitement as I imagine my Mexico trip.  However, this is not my Mexico trip.  I stay focused.  (Although we did slip in for a day for tacos and blankets. ) 

My focus is chocolates. 

Oh yes!  Chocolates in the hot desert.  They must not melt.  these chocolates have withstood the test.  They seem to be fine as long as the sun is not hitting them.  And thumbs up from all of our new customers.  People are loving our products as I pop into their lives with granola and Kawow Bars and Kuku chocolates. 

Our mindful practice is going well.  So much to be mindful for in the desert.  More than once we have all been stuck by the infamous cholla cactus.  We are now a bit more mindful.  Ouch!!!!!  The desert.  Wow!

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