Maya Nut Crunch Chocolate Bar




Maya nuts are nutrient-dense—the calcium to magnesium ratio is optimal for calcium absorption—and they have a rich history of human use as a food source that goes all the way back to the classical Mayan period.

Our newest bar is an exciting mix of pure cocao and maya nut, with a mouth-pleasing addition of just enough of our Coconutty Crunch granola.

All organic, vegan, non-gmo ingredients: cacao paste, cacao butter, unrefined sugar, maple syrup, Sweetwater Coconutty Granola (oats, coconut, coconut oil, unrefined sugar, Ceylon cinnamon, unrefined salt, lemon juice), Maya nut, nutmeg essential oil. (NOTE: Maya nut is not a true nut. It contains no toxic alkaloids or allergens.) 

Limited to cooler months.   September through May.