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Made it to the desert

No surf to be had in Galveston so we scooted on out of there after a pleasant night of rest.  With yoga in the morning and a simple jog on the beach, we said goodbye to the gulf as we made our way inland.  Just 30 minutes down the road an alarming dinging lit up the dash.  Pulling off the highway, smoke starts rising from under the hood. 

Immediately my thoughts are “no way, not broke down in Houston Texas,  couldn’t it have been somewhere better than this”.  Well comes to show that there are angels everywhere, and once again I have living proof.  All fixed up and back on the road we are now late to meet a dinner date in Austin with a friend from way back when I was oh so young.  Cruising 80 mph through the flat lands of Texas, we make it only an hour and a half late.

Driving out of Austin into the unknown night, I am a bit flustered as to where this adventure is leading me.  Let me tell ya though,  I had the most amazing coconut curry soup in Austin.  It must have spiced me up a bit because I drove another 3 or 4 hours.  Slept on the side of the road and woke up early to get us the heck out of Texas.  Something about that state gave me unsettled nerves, because the moment we entered the Enchanted State of New Mexico…  I felt a sudden rush of ease.  Like I had made it to the safety zone.

We found an amazing hot spring oasis in the desert mountains and managed to get an amazing soak while the full moon rose above us.  The cold night sent shivers through us as we had become accustomed to the summer weather.  Guess I will miss the heater.  Oh yah, forgot to mention how we turned a 700.00 dollar job into an 85.00 dollar job back in Webster Texas, just outside of Houston.  Forfeiting heat sounded fine when it was 80 degrees out.  Anyhow soaking in the 110-degree water still made it worth it.

Waking up with ice inside our windows, there was nothing left to do but smile and jump back into the hot pools of mineral water.

Meeting Jerry set us back into promo mode.  An older hippie quite resembling “Jerry” himself bought a whole stock of product.  Living in his beautiful handcrafted Gypsy Wagon he sure did make us cringe while climbing back into our little van.  Selling our chocolates and granola is now a mission just to give us more room in the van. Next stop…the Arizona desert.

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