Raw Energy Bars

We bring to you an energy bar with no refined sugars and no nonsense. Our bars are our only raw products. We use all organic the nuts and seed which we soak and dehydrate with the intention of bringing an immediate and steady boost of energy. Our bars have been approved by our highly sensitive food critics: our children; to ensure that most anyone can enjoy this unique, potent sources of natural energy.

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    Bars by the Case

    12 bars to a case. Order by the case.

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    Greenergy Bar

    Think Green, Be Green, Feel Green. Greenergy Bars give carob the recognition it deserves and nutrition a flavor well deserved.

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    Kawow Cacao Bar

    WOW! is that cacao? Real, true cacao with no refined sugars – this bar will take you to the top of the mountain.  Eat it slowly to keep you going, or skip lunch and eat the whole thing for a long lasting energy to keep you where you need to be. Greet everyday with an adventure.

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